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Rhyming romps and other perverse verses



Author Geoffrey McSkimming a.k.a. The Scribbler, is a best-selling author who has written hundreds of stories, poems, plays, comic serials and documentaries through his published works which have featured in bookshops around the world and in the longest running children’s literary magazine—The School Magazine. He is a trained actor who has trodden the boards in the Queensland Theatre Company and has put these stage skills to good use in his captivating author presentations for schools, literary events and book festivals around Australia and throughout the world to inspire young people to read, learn and use their imaginations … and to give older people a good giggle … and hear him wax lyrical on The School Magazine YouTube Channel and on our YouTube channel 9 Diamonds Press.

ogre in a toga
more perverse verse

This new revised edition of Ogre in a Toga includes new poems, never before published.

Shortlisted for the AUDIE Awards, this official collection by Geoffrey McSkimming will fill your sails with wonder and mirth!

The Startling Tale of Hamlet
Prince of Denmark

A fresh look at the classic story, retold in verse with lots of weirdness thrown in.

Ogre in a Toga

9 Diamonds Press has re-publishing this collection of perverse verses.

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