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We write and publish humorous mysteries, swoggling adventures, fun poetry and teach magic tricks to tickle your funny bone and brighten up your day.

We publish our novels in paperback and turn them into ebooks so you can travel with them anywhere. Our products are distributed through Amazon for a simple, affordable experience.

We also present our stories and magic shows at live events. Our presentations can be booked by contacting us at 9 Diamonds Press. We’d love to hear from you!


9 Diamonds Press is home of Time Detective fiction written by Geoffrey McSkimming.

Phyllis Wong is a young magician who discovers time travel through TimePockets located on stairs. Her skills in stage magic, love of mystery and ability to Transit take her on unimaginable adventures to meet the most extraordinary people in history.

Transit through Time with Phyllis!

You can do magic!

9 Diamonds Press has provided a course in magic, provided by Australia’s only internationally recognised ‘Lady Magician’ Sue-Anne Webster, so that you can learn the wonder-making skills of the most secret form of entertainment.

Enter the secret world of magic!

The Cairo Jim chronicles are swoggling archaeological adventures where good vs evil collide in outrageously comical circumstances.

Written by best-selling author Geoffrey McSkimming, these timeless adventures have been translated into twelve languages and entertained young people and the young-at-heart around the world for decades.

We’re pleased to announce the Return of Cairo Jim!

Enjoy the love of language with Geoffrey McSkimming’s tongue-in-cheek, comical verses.

Play with language and enjoy the world of words along with Geoffrey who¬†even loves presenting the wonderful works of other talented poets through the The School Magazine’s produced by the NSW Department of Education, AUSTRALIA.

Have fun with words!

Check in here to enjoy short clips, including writing tips, stories, poems, magic and more.

Our story collection

The Scribbler

This is Geoffrey McSkimming, the Scribbler

Author Geoffrey McSkimming has penned hundreds of novels, short stories, poems, plays, comic serials, non-fiction articles, as well as his most loved adventures you can enjoy through 9 Diamonds Press. Learn more about Geoffrey on our AUTHOR page.

This is the Scribbler's blog: Telling Tales Anon

Our blog will feature short articles and videos on tips on how to write your own stories and behind the scenes of magic tricks.

School and festival shows

Author Geoffrey McSkimming and magician Sue-Anne Webster love to inspire students to read and learn.

Invite them to present their stories and magic tricks at your school, library or festival event.

Simply contact 9 Diamonds Press for bookings.


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