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Lady magician SUE-ANNE WEBSTER is profiled in the world dictionary of magicians:


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Sue-Anne is the inspiration behind the Phyllis Wong Time Detective mysteries by best-selling author of the Cairo Jim chronicles, Geoffrey McSkimming.
She has performed magic for decades and represented Australia as a delegate for world magic events. Publishing cracking stories of mystery, magic, adventure and verse with best-selling author, Geoffrey McSkimming, at 9 Diamonds Press enables Sue-Anne to reach a greater audience with quality literature and magic. She is also a voice behind some of The School Magazine’s greatest poetry collection.
Transform your event with the Lady Magician’s ASTOUNDING magic and mystery. Professional, fun and dazzling magic shows with lots of audience participation.
Sue-Anne specialises in prestidigitation from the Golden Years of Magic ~ bringing to life the rarely seen magic of the past right up close for your guests, or on stage for your event.


The recent online exhibition of the ladies who shaped Australian magic: Esme Levante, Myrtle Roberts and Moi-Yo Miller.


Sue-Anne is a guest on ABC’s recent podcast of The History Listen: The illusory life of Esme Levante — 5 October, 2021

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‘Sue-Anne’s “voice” shines through the whole e-book and comes from decades of professional performance. This book is like having a one-on-one coaching/rehearsal session with her.’ — Author Geoffrey McSkimming

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Sue-Anne has globe-trotted across America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Oceania performing, lecturing, reviewing and judging international magic events.

She’s performed off-Broadway in New York, on stage in Las Vegas and at the Magic Castle in Hollywood, as well as hosting Magic Sports at the FISM world championships of magic.

Sue-Anne now enjoys performing in Australia, inspiring young people to learn and encourage critical thinking.

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Reading is crucial for the development of young minds, so Sue-Anne has teamed up with best-selling author of the Cairo Jim chronicles, Geoffrey McSkimming, to present the Phyllis Wong Time Detective mysteries show in schools and at author events, encouraging a love for language and inspiring their imaginations with fun and fantastical stories.
Sue-Anne Webster brings the magic from the Phyllis Wong mysteries to life—magic that Phyllis Wong and her great-grandfather Wallace Wong, Conjuror of Wonder! perform—right before your very eyes!

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Book through the Children’s Bookshop, Beecroft, NSW, Australia.
Contact: Beth
The 1.5 hr lecture includes a show and exposure of some of the secrets behind great magic tricks.
Students are encouraged to think ‘outside the box’ and take the ideas presented in the Magic of Science presentation to formulate their own tricks, science experiencements and presentations at science fairs.


Magic of Science and the Science of Magic
show and lecture
Based on the NSW K-6 Science curriculum.
Fun with science using magic!
Students will see the action of light reflection, refraction and absorption used in the performance of magic.
Book direct through Sue-Anne

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"Astounding! by Sue-Anne Webster is an outstanding how to do magic book. As a full time professional magician for over 35 years I have read LOTS of magic books. This new book by Sue-Anne Webster is positively one of the best I have ever read, especially for any young person interested in magic." (see more on Amazon America)​​
Amazon U.S.A.
"Brilliant, easy to follow step by step guide for anyone wanting to wow their friends and family with illusions and tricks that will leave them completely amazed ... Sue-Anne is obviously very accomplished and it comes across in the book as she writes in such an entertaining and captivating manner that you'll struggle to stop reading - 'just one more page' I kept telling myself." (see more on Amazon Australia)
Amazon Australia

"... nothing short of excellent."

"Sue-Anne’s performance was nothing short of excellent. I was stopped numerous times by guests wishing to pay compliments.”
“Sue-Anne absolutely wowed the crowd … seriously, the woman is phenomenal.”
Story Arts Festival
Ipswich, QLD
"Jeannie [Sue-Anne] was a huge hit at our event. ... Her magic tricks were appreciated even by the most cynical of minds and she was admired by many who were in awe of her flair."
Coles Myer
Cathy Broaders
"Sue-Anne Webster is one of the top magical performers in the World today. She is an incredibly skilled performer who's stage act is fun, imaginative and inspiring."
Magician & Podcast Host, USA
"WOW! You really look just like me!"
"Not only can she perform magic, and capture the audience, she captures Jeannie's personality and character as well. I have no doubt in my mind that Sue-Anne could very well be the next Jeannie, she really is that good."
Ms Eden's personal assistant and acme Elvira impersonator

Image Sources: 9Diamonds Press