The Cairo Jim chronicles by Geoffrey McSkimming

Cairo Jim was conceived in the imagination of Geoffrey McSkimming when he suffered sunstroke in the Valley of the Kings, and a far distant childhood memory was re-awakened. The story goes like this ...
"When Geoffrey McSkimming was a boy he found an old motion-picture projector and a tin containing a dusty film in his Grandmother's attic. He screened the film and was transfixed by the flickering image of a man in a jaunty pith helmet, baggy Sahara shorts and special desert sun-spectacles. The man had an imposing macaw and a clever-looking camel, and Geoffrey McSkimming was mesmerised by their activities in black-and-white Egypt, Peru, Greece, and other exotic locations.

   Years later he discovered the identities of the trio, and he spent much of his time since then retracing their footsteps, interviewing surviving members of the Old Relics Society, and gradually reconstructing these lost true tales which have become the enormously successful Cairo Jim chronicles."